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MoonGate Enhances HealthGap with WellCard

Jun 9, 2015

MoonGate Insurance Ltd has established an affiliate company in the United States, enabling them to offer Bermuda residents, when traveling abroad to the U.S., expanded benefits and savings for their healthcare products and services via a WellCardHealth Program.

A spokesperson said, “The company is excited to be partnering with WellDyne Inc, which is a leader in providing the wellness and discount program with reputable and well-known U.S. vendors in the Healthcare space.

“Clients who sign up for the WellCardHealth Program will be issued a WellCard; by using the card when purchasing certain health products and services at participating vendors, clients will receive valuable discounts.”

MoonGate President & CEO, Leon L. Bascome said, “It has been an arduous task to complete this process; however, we are ecstatic that we can contribute to the reduction in Healthcare costs for both Bermuda Residents and the country as a whole.

“The WellCard Program will enhance our HealthGap product and enable clients to access discounts for a vast range of products and services in the U.S., including 11,000 Vision locations [Pearle Vision, Lenscrafters, etc], 80,000 Credentialed Dentists and over 59,000 Nationwide pharmacies.

“Clients can also obtain pre-negotiated pricing at 410,000 physicians at 45,000 supplementary provider locations and schedule labs and other services, such as x-rays and MRIs online.

“Additional features include access to over 80 hearing aid models at 1500 preferred providers and heavily-discounted diabetic supplies – this is a tremendous product which places MoonGate Insurance at the forefront of Healthcare product relevance to help address customer needs and associated costs.”

“We are excited to be partnering with MoonGate Insurance Ltd. Inc. which was incorporated in the state of Florida to provide benefits to Bermuda, U.S. and Caribbean residents. There is much on offer with the WellCard as members save on Prescription Drugs and a wide range of Health Services.

“Regarding prescriptions, for instance, clients will be able to obtain up to 65% off from locations such as Johns Hopkins Pharmacy, CVS and Walgreens; this is a significant product for the Bermuda market and we look forward to serving the population.”

Mr Bascome continued, “We will continue to offer products that are affordable and of value to clients. The WellCard helps to even the playing field of those who may not have as broad a cover, as those policies offered by traditional players.

“Individuals and groups who have the HIP and FutureCare policies will be especially pleased with this, coupled with our HealthGap lineup. Any persons traveling to the U.S. for healthcare reasons, now have additional options.

“Speaking of additions, I am also extremely pleased to introduce two new members of our team: Hope Johnson – Business Development Officer, who comes to us from the Health Insurance Department and Caroline Mulholland- Customer Care and Administration.

“These two Bermudian ladies are both knowledgeable in health insurance matters and provide exceptional customer service. They are willing to assist you with all of MoonGate’s product offerings, including HealthGap and this new and exciting WellCardHealth Program. Give them a call, or visit us today.”

Originally published in Bernews: