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No; MoonGate is a non-regulated provider, as defined by the Bermuda Health Council. We provide a Health Supplement called HealthGap, which is designed to work with “Basic” Insurance policies, such as Government’s HIP and FutureCare policies or those provided by other Bermuda Insurers.

No. HealthGap is focused on reducing copays (the amounts that you are responsible for after insurance) outside of the hospitals. Our vendor partners include doctors, dentists, optometrists, pharmacists, etc. These vendors provide heathcare services at various discount rates, as a savings to you.

Yes. You always make the choice of your healthcare providers. MoonGate’s vendor partners offer you discounts for these same services.

Yes. Through our vendor partner in Medical Air Services Association (MASA), you have full cover for any medical transportation emergency. So, if it will cost $50,000 to transport you and a loved one to a medical facility and return you back home…you are fully covered. There is a 90-day stipulation for pre-existing conditions; otherwise, this is full coverage from day 1.

No. When HealthGap was designed in 2013, we vowed to ensure that the price remained affordable. We continue to increase the number of healthcare vendors, benefits and services at no additional cost to our clients. The price is $105.00 per month and it will remain that way in the foreseeable future.

That’s great! Your next step is to complete the application forms HERE.

All that MoonGate requires are the completed forms and a photo ID of each applicant. You will also have to provide the first month’s premium for each applicant. The subsequent payments are collected by Direct Debit via MoonGate Accounts. You can email your forms to and call 542-2200 to obtain the online transfer instructions.

If you still have questions, we invite you to make an appointment to discuss your concerns by calling 542-2200 or emailing . Alternatively, you may contact us HERE and we will contact you within one business day.

About Us

Professionalism, Confidentiality, Technology, Security, Results.

MoonGate Accounts has quietly been in existence for 5 years. We have proven methods which allow clients to focus on growing their business, leaving certain functions to us.

No. We provide very specialized financial services. We focus on 3 things:

  1. Creating/distributing invoices
  2. Receiving payments on your behalf and providing receipts for them
  3. Following up on these outstanding accounts

MoonGate’s accounts receivable services are designed to work cohesively; however, if you only require one or any two of our services, we are happy to accommodate you.

MoonGate Accounts focuses on small and medium-sized businesses. We are best suited to those business owners who may not have the time to invoice / collect funds from their own clients. We are also suited to those who wish to accept credit cards from their clients; there is no need for you to go through the hassle of getting a merchant account with a bank: we will use our facilities and send the proceeds to your account, less our fees; it’s that simple!

Yes – your client will be aware that MoonGate Accounts are performing these functions. However, all materials and communications with your clients will be co-branded so that your clients know MoonGate is operating on behalf of your business.

All that MoonGate requires from your clients is a completed payment contract and photo ID. This allows MoonGate to set-up your client in our systems and keep track of payments. You may have your client provide you with these documents and forward to MoonGate, or, you may request that your clients contact MoonGate directly. We will work with your business to determine the best delivery option.

You do! MoonGate will work with you to determine your current payment options and what options will work best for you and your clients moving forward. You may choose any one or combination of our payment options.

Yes – MoonGate provides detailed monthly reports to our business clients, showing paid and outstanding amounts. Your customers will also receive monthly account statements. You and your clients may contact MoonGate at any time to query the status of your / their account.

MoonGate collects your receivables throughout a desired time-frame and remits collective payments to your account at the end of that period. This time period and terms will be set out in your business contract.

That’s great! Your next step is to make an appointment to discuss your business needs by calling 542-2200 or emailing . Alternatively, you may contact us HERE and we will contact you within one business day.


No. We provide a loan to pay your insurance premium which you repay to us by regular installments which we collect by Direct Debit. The insurance cover is provided by an insurer. We will pay the loan for your insurance premium to an insurer on your behalf.

MoonGate Premium Finance is a subsidiary of the MoonGate Group Ltd., which is the first company in Bermuda to offer this product. We provide businesses and individuals with finance to pay their insurance premiums by installments, rather than in one lump sum.

MoonGate Premium Finance will finance up to 75% of the cost of your annual premium. The Down Payment makes up the other 25%. The minimum premium finance loan that MoonGate Premium Finance will consider is $1,000.

The loan will be repayable over a maximum of eight (8) months.

None – the security will be provided by the insurance policies being financed.

You will have to fill out a short application form which can be found on the home page of this website. Included with this can be an invoice from the insurance company indicating the amount of premium owed (and in the instance of TCD, your classification of vehicle; e.g. D class). After you have been approved, you will promptly receive a formal quote.

MoonGate Premium Finance provides finance for insurance premiums and there is a monthly payment due under the premium finance agreement. If you signed your agreement online or hardcopy, simply sign in to your account to view the credit agreement and details of your repayments. Also, you may call 1-441-542-2200 or email with your Premium Finance Agreement reference number.

This should not happen without your consent. Please contact us immediately.

The Credit Limit is the maximum amount of money that we are prepared to lend to you, based upon the application submitted to us. We have given you a Credit Limit to allow for any adjustments that may need to be made to the loan. We cannot increase your loan without being instructed to do so by you and/or an insurance company.

We send you this letter upon receipt of your signed Premium Finance Agreement. The word ‘executed’ is used to confirm that the Premium Finance Agreement has been agreed by all parties, who will abide by its terms.You are always entitled to a copy of your agreement if you have misplaced yours.

If you have a complaint, please contact us in the first instance by telephone or writing, using the details on our CONTACT US page. We have procedures in place to handle your complaint fairly and quickly and we will provide you with details of our procedures for handling complaints on request or if you send us a complaint. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint you can contact the Department of Consumer Affairs, located at 129 Front Street, Hamilton HM12. Further details are included in your Premium Finance Agreement.

You will need your MoonGate Premium Finance PFA reference number before you can sign your agreement. Your Credit Agreement will be provided in PDF form. Here, you can review the details of the agreement before signing. If you are satisfied with the agreement, and have read the terms and conditions in the link below the agreement, click the checkbox and submit your signature.

Alternatively, you can:

Sign, scan and email us a copy.

Post your signed credit agreement to:
MoonGate Premium Finance
Sofia House (Ground Floor)
48 Church Street
Hamilton HM 12



  • We can only postpone your payment date by up to 5 calendar days.
  • There is a $20 administration charge for postponing your payment date.

Please let us know your preferred payment date by emailing

There are a few ways in which you can make a missed payment:

Call our office at 542-2209.

Pay quickly and securely online:




Click here for the link which clients will use.

On your MoonGate Premium Finance(MPF)online account you will see a summary of your Premium Finance Agreement(s). If there is an outstanding payment, this will be shown at the top of your Agreements page.

To make a missed payment, simply select Make Payment and follow the steps.

Alternatively you can pay by phone by calling our office at 1-441-542-2200. You will need the following 2 pieces of information:

1. Your credit reference number
2. Your bank account or credit card number

Details of your first payment date and a schedule of all your monthly payments are set out in your welcome letter. This information can also be found anytime by logging in to your online MPF account and selecting from the navigation menu.

For any queries regarding your credit agreement, please email us and one of our team will respond.

For any urgent queries regarding your MPF agreement please call us on 542-2200*.

When calling us:
Please have your MoonGate Premium Finance PFA reference number to hand, so that we can help you as quickly as possible. Your reference number can be found on your welcome letter as well as on your online account.

*Telephone lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm (excluding bank holidays)

Helpful Information:

If you would like to make a missed payment See our How do I make a missed payment? FAQ above.

If you would like to cancel your credit agreement please click here.